Justin Klassen, senior pastor

"I joined staff here at MMC in the beginning of 2014. I have nearly 14 years of full time pastoral ministry, mainly in the area of youth and young adults ministry. I have a heart to see all generations engage and live out their faith. What gets me excited is the opportunity to come alongside people and explore what a life of service can and should look like in our community.


My wonderful wife, Jodi, and I have 4 beautiful children, Mya, Karys, Rylan, and Tyler. We love them dearly and enjoy the time God has gifted us with them immensely. Jodi and I love to travel, as well as spend our summers camping with our families whenever possible. I am continuing to learn what it means to be a Godly husband and father, always remembering that my family is my first and most important ministry."

brendon johnston, associate/youth pastor

"MMC has always shared a special part of my family's life.  Tara and I were married in August of 2009 and we began ministry here the next month.  We've welcomed three beautiful boys, Gavin, Isaiah, & Grayson into the world since then and have seen our church family play a significant part in their young lives.

We are grateful that God has called us to have a small part in His mighty plan.  We've just begun our eighth year of ministry here, mostly in the area of youth, and my passion is to see this upcoming generation rise up and stand firmly on the name of Jesus in a time where that is not safe and not popular anymore.  Our prayer daily is for God's sovereign hand of protection to be around our youth and our church family."

Jodi Klassen, Administration

Pastor Justin & I and our family have been here at MMC for nearly five years now and it has been such a joy to be a part of and serve along side this church family! 

What started out as me just 'filling a position', quickly became something that I have developed a great enjoyment & appreciation for. I have truly enjoyed serving in this area ...it has allowed me the opportunity to be creative, organized (which isn't as easy at home with 4 kids. ;)), and help people feel connected to what's happening here at MMC ...not just Sunday mornings, but also between Sundays.

Shirley Unruh, Book Keeper

We are so grateful to have Shirley on staff with us.  Shirley first started keeping the books for us in 2004 and faithfully serves in this area today.  She has amazing integrity and in many ways keeps us organized around here.