women's community outreach

As moms with young children, it can sometimes be very difficult to stay connected with friends. Simply finding time for a shower in the morning can be a great challenge, let alone trying to leave the house with yourself & the kids all dressed & looking reasonably 'together'. We get that. Those of us who are moms have all been there. It's a vulnerable stage of life and we need each other to lean on. Which is exactly why we feel it's so important for us to be providing a place for women to come ...a place where we can build friendships, find encouragement amongst each other, and just simply be real with one another.

Beginning September 13th, 2017, we will be meeting Wednesday mornings at 9:45am (until about 11:45am). Bring your children and let them run & play while you enjoy a morning of faith, food, & fellowship. It's 'potluck' style snacks and the coffee will be on. :) There is no cost for you to come and enjoy the morning out.

Women of all ages & stages of life are invited and welcome to join us!!