"sixUp" Junior youth  (7pm on Thursday Nights)

This is our junior high ministry from grades 6 to 9. 

If you like high energy games, as well as a place to find new friends and find out who this "Jesus" is,

then come out on Thursday nights at 7 for a time of fun & craziness

as well as a chance to learn more about the God who created us and loves us sooo much! 

So come out for a good time, make new friends, and talk about Jesus.

Annual sixUp winter retreat

Freezin' will be at Dallas Valley Ranch Camp the weekend of January 15th to 17th, 2016

For more information, please see Pastor Brendon for details.

Click HERE to access the online registration form to let us know you are coming!

"followers" senior youth (7pm on tuesday Nights)

This is our senior high youth group, from grade 9 to 12.

At the stage of life when you find yourself asking many questions, come out on Tuesday nights at 7

and hang out with some people that are walking that same path. 

  Some of the highlights of the past years have been CreationFest, our annual FEBC youth retreat Freezin',

our annual ski retreat GNarnia and many more... 

So come out for a good time on Tuesdays. You will make some new friends

and maybe even stumble upon the answers you are looking for.

Annual Ski Retreat to Revelstoke Mountain Resort

GNarnia 2016 will return to Revelstoke for our annual retreat from Tuesday February 16th to Friday February 19th, 2016

Please see Pastor Brendon for details

Click HERE to complete the registration form.  Seating is limited.